Art of Peace

The Art of Peace program seeks to transform tragedy into beauty by using materials from unwanted guns to create art. These pieces will be included in an exhibit that will be used to raise awareness about gun violence. The scrap metal will also be used for a larger sculpture that will be placed in a public space for the community to enjoy. 

Open Call for Entry

We are now seeking applications from Bay Area artists who are interested in participating in our Art of Peace program. You can download our Call for Entry and our press release on the project by clicking on the links below.

Contact us

Deadline for proposals: Aug. 15, 2017

How to submit your application

  • Email submission to:
  • Proposals must include the following:
    • Maximum 2 sketches of proposal. Your design must communicate a clear design strategy or concept.  Include an attachment in JPEG or PDF format, no larger than 5 MB for each file
    • 3 images of previous work
    • Statement describing project, no more than 200 words 
    • Artist bio, with address, phone, email and website
    • Please indicate which category you are applying for:


  • Category 1:  Sculpture
  • Category 2:  Mixed Media and Wall Art
  • Category 3:  Small Pieces and Jewelry

Please read Call for Entry above for more details on guidelines, stipends, timeline, and project background and mission.